Key figures


  • 24.3 billion Euros in gross written premiums
  • 170 billion Euros assets under management
  • 2 billion Euros Net Banking Income
  • 1 billion Euros Pre-Tax net profit


BNP Paribas Cardif Bulgaria insures individuals and what is dear to them.

Through our partners - banks, consumer credit companies, lease companies, telecoms, retail chain stores and many others, we offer comprehensive protection of respective extended loans and purchases made through them.

We protect people's living standard from any contingencies.

Creditor protection

We provide to our customers insurance that affords to them and their families peace of mind.

Credit or debit card protection

The product offers protection against theft or loss of your payment card and any subsequent card misuse.

Monthly account protection

Especially developed for GLOBUL customers, the service is the first of this kind in Bulgaria.

Phone device theft

This is a programme that affords to a customer coverage in case of theft of a mobile phone device

Damage of purchased goods

This programme affords to our customers indemnity to cover their costs for purchasing new goods.