BNP Paribas Cardif

Key figures


  • 24.3 billion Euros in gross written premiums
  • 170 billion Euros assets under management
  • 2 billion Euros Net Banking Income
  • 1 billion Euros Pre-Tax net profit

Credit or debit card protection

More and more Bulgarians today are making card payments for purchases,

because the simplicity of "plastic money" means that it is no longer necessary to think about whether one is carrying enough cash in one's wallet.  And the trend towards cash-free payment will only continue to increase. With its Payment Instrument Protection insurance concept BNP Paribas Cardif Bulgaria is reacting to this development in the market.

The product offers protection against theft or loss of your payment card and any subsequent card misuse. Furthermore, the costs associated with the cancelling of cards and the issue of new cards are also covered.

Additional insurance cover can also be provided for the loss or theft of portable personal items such as wallet your payment cards.

We provide to our customers insurance that affords to them the security that if certain events occur, some of them being temporary or permanent or total disability, unemployment, payments of any part of an utilized credit limit, are covered by an insurance, and this would not in any way disrupt the family budget.

Additional protection is granted by the supplementary terms and conditions, according to which a customer will be indemnified if his/her documents, bank card, specific amount of money withdrawn from an ATM are stolen, or if an unauthorized transaction is executed with his/her card.