BNP Paribas Cardif

Key figures


  • 24.3 billion Euros in gross written premiums
  • 170 billion Euros assets under management
  • 2 billion Euros Net Banking Income
  • 1 billion Euros Pre-Tax net profit

GAP Programme

The purchase of a new car is a significant financial strain on the household budget.


In order to insure against the financial risks associated with the purchase of a car, in most cases the owner will complete a partially or fully comprehensive insurance policy in addition to the statutory third-party liability insurance for the vehicle.

In the event of a total write-off or total loss of the vehicle the comprehensive insurance policy will as a rule only reimburse the current market value of the vehicle and the vehicle owner suffers a financial loss when buying a replacement for the lost vehicle.There are various concepts for eliminating or reducing this financial loss (GAP), for example payment of the difference between current market value and original purchase costs (with or without indexing) or of a percentage supplement based on the current market value.

This is a programme through which we provide additional security to our car owner customers in case of car theft or total car damage. Under the GAP programme, our customers receive additional indemnity for covering the initial costs of purchasing a new car.